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Today was quite an unexpected day. My last class, Philosophy, pretty much made my day. So let me tell you a story of how my day was made. Ha ha

So I was contemplating whether to attend my Philo class or not, because I was too exhausted to function. Then miraculously, I decided not to skip my class (and trust me, when we talk about Philosophy, that happens once in a blue moon). What made me go was my realization that I was two absences away from failing this subject due to absences. So there I was, playing Giant Boulder of Death on my phone, trying my best to block out the undying thought of sleeping in class. Our professor was distributing papers of our Midterm tests, and I was shocked when I got called for one of the highest grades. (since I hate philo, I rarely attend my class, and I don’t give much of an effort.) I even took the Philo exam late because me and my friends went swimming on the day of the exam! Unable to recover from the shock, I listened to our prof. She was talking about the three top performing students in the class, based on the midterm grade. I was startled when she called my name first. I had no fucking clue. The horror didn’t stop there. After that, she was announcing the two highest results of the prelim exam which was an essay. Yes, essays are my forte, however I didn’t really do well in the prelim essay. My work was a cacophony of all the things I was trying to say. It sounded like I was trying to point out everything, all at once. It was unorganized and it had plenty of erasures because I wasn’t ready! Imagine how dumbfounded I was when our professor acknowledge my essay. I was horrified and guilty because I hate Philosophy that much. Imagine the look on my face when she asked me TO READ MY WORK IN FRONT OF THE CLASS. I was mortified. My hands were trembling as my prof complimented my work. She even asked me “Did you really make that?! The essay was brilliant and beautiful!”, I tried to point out that it wasn’t that much and how reading books influenced me. She replied and told me that I need not defend myself from such compliments. H a! What an ironic day, but all is well that ends well.

I’ll make sure she gets the message 😂 this is will flatter her. Hi Aya! 😘

Not bawal but discouraged. Parents are paranoid and are scared of me getting pregnant bc their past

I got caught talking to him on the phone. A little


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Well my dad kicked me and slapped me. Hehehehehe

Yep. At first they were mad (no, mad is an understatement) they were furious! Pero effort man si boy, so they were kinda okay about him. But my parents do not approve of me having a relationship because you know, the cliche? they want me to prioritize my studies :) 

No promises x