The human brain is an amazing organ. It functions 24 hours a day from the day we are born and only stops when we are taking an exam or fall in love.

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I am deeply exhausted by the things that happened today. Emotionally and Physically drained.

First I had to walk like a kilometer and a half to get to civilization in order to commute to school, because my parents refused to drive me there as punishment for my inability to wake up early. Ps, we live in freakin Narnia, hence the first photo. The walk turned out to be wonderful and exhilarating.

The second and third photos are candid photos of my dutymates preparing for our health teaching/ microteaching. They were taken yesterday. And let me tell you, the said activity required a lot of resources (not to mention time and 17283 years worth of effort) and it was surprisingly successful. Thank Heavens.
A lot of things didn’t go our way, but we managed to patch up the errors. As seen on the fourth photo, a lot of people attended it, AND WE WERE ONLY EXPECTING 20 PEOPLE! Which means we only prepared for 20 people. (I hope you get an idea of how we had to work harder) We also catered a lot of people who needed health care stuff. And we had like negative 91738372 energy left.

After the duty, we had to interview a mother who just had birth. What is rest? What is tired? We had to do things in great haste because we were all tired and we had less time. Then the SS exhaustion cruised to centrio for the celebration of my dutymate’s (Liya’s) birthday. Yey for free food! And the rest is history. Now I have to make all my requirements. *Dies*

Honest 👏


Photos from Jazzyl’s (Jang’s) Debut